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Funding Teachers' Bright Ideas! 

Since 2011, AEF has granted over $110,000 to classroom teachers in our community! 

These grants fund innovative, imaginative and exciting work in our classrooms. Teachers are able to purchase new materials for their classrooms they would not ordinarily be able to afford. These materials go directly into the hands of children in our community! 

Teachers can apply twice per year, in the fall and spring. AEF's projects committee reviews applications and funds the top grants meeting our criteria. Teachers are awarded their funds immediately and congratulated at a school board meeting! 


Classroom Mini Grants
Spring 2021 example

Most Recent Classroom Mini-Grants Awarded to Arlington School District Teachers:

Fall 2023: Twenty grants; total: $14,625.70

Spring 2023: Thirteen Grants, total: $11,053.27

Fall 2022: Twenty grants, total:  $14,128

Spring 2022: Fifteen Grants, total:  $9,595.70  

Fall 2021: Fifteen Grants, total:  $8,830.51  

Spring 2021: Sixteen Grants, total: $10,714

Fall 2020: Nineteen Grants, total: $11,887

Fall 2019: Sixteen Grants, total: $9,989

Spring 2019: Ten Grants, total: $7,575
Fall 2018: Sixteen Grants, total: $10,166
Spring 2018: Nine Grants, total: $6,773

Congratulations, Teachers!

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