Funding Teachers' Bright Ideas! 

Since 2011, AEF has granted over $90,000 to classroom teachers in our community! 

These grants fund innovative, imaginative and exciting work in our classrooms. Teachers are able to purchase new materials for their classrooms they would not ordinarily be able to afford. These materials go directly into the hands of children in our community! 

Teachers can apply twice per year, in the fall and spring. AEF's projects committee reviews applications and funds the top grants meeting our criteria. Teachers are awarded their funds immediately and congratulated at a school board meeting! 



Most Recent Classroom Mini-Grants Awarded to Arlington School District Teachers:

Fall 2019: Sixteen, total: $9989

Spring 2019: Ten, total: $7575
Fall 2018: Sixteen, total: $10,166
Spring 2018: Nine, total: $6,773


Fall 2019 Mini-Grants Awarded:

Animated Voices, software: $275

Focuses on social stories, problem-solving
H. Hubbard & C. Burkhead

ASD Transition & Presidents Elementary


Hands to Mouth: $500

Plan/prep food services & community outreach to local shelter
C. Burkhead
ASD Transition


Speakers for Video Enhancement: $160

Sound bar, speaker equipment to enable hearing of videos

J. Swanson
AHS, Life Skills


Speech Therapy Materials: $250

Games, articulation cards, manipulatives

J. Anspach
Eagle Creek Elementary


Student-Selected Class Library: $500

Emotional Behavior class books chosen by students

C. Antalek
Eagle Creek Elementary


Social Thinking & Language Enhancement: $533

Materials, posters, books

K. Gorzela
Eagle Creek Elementary

Classroom to Watershed: Raising Fish in 4th Grade: $1250

4th Grade parnership with Dept. Fish & Wildlife to release fish into Lake Goodwin in Spring 2020

Eagle Creek 4th Grade Team

Hawk's Fitness Soaring to New Level: $1250

Vertical test jumpers, foam pilo box, triad pilo box

K. Anderson & T. Hibma
Haller Middle School

Uke Can Do It: $1250

30 concert-sized ukeleles
K. Medema
Haller Middle School

Courtyard Beautification: $715

Garden Improvement, bulbs, treefrog house, reflection bench, mulch

H. Jones & Grade Team

Kent Prairie Elementary

Legos in the Classroom: $484

Serious Play Starter Kit (12)

J. Goulet
Pioneer Elementary

Combining Technology with Fine Motor: $500

Osmo program for iPad, Squiggle Magic Sets

N. Brooks
Kent Prairie Elementary

Sports and Literacy, Books: $200

Sports books to widen book interests

7th Grade ELA Team

Post Middle School

Vernier Probe Ware Traning & Supplies: $1204

Temperature probe sensors, supplies, training, teacher pack

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Team

Post Middle School


Read-Aloud STEM & Activities Bundle: $668

Coding, engineering, inventors, role models, pioneers, STEM activities

A. Bryan & K. Stringer

Presidents Elementary

Literature-Based Math: $250

Stories that relate to math concepts (books)
T. Whittenberg

Presidents Elementary

Total Awards Granted: $9989


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