Funding Teachers' Bright Ideas! 

Since 2011, AEF has granted over $85,000 to classroom teachers in our community! 

These grants fund innovative, imaginative and exciting work in our classrooms. Teachers are able to purchase new materials for their classrooms they would not ordinarily be able to afford. These materials go directly into the hands of children in our community! 

Teachers can apply twice per year, in the fall and spring. AEF's projects committee reviews applications and funds the top grants meeting our criteria. Teachers are awarded their funds immediately and congratulated at a school board meeting! 


Most Recent Classroom Mini-Grants Awarded to Arlington School District Teachers:

Fall 2020: Nineteen Grants, total: $11,887

Fall 2019: Sixteen Grants, total: $9,989

Spring 2019: Ten Grants, total: $7,575
Fall 2018: Sixteen Grants, total: $10,166
Spring 2018: Nine Grants, total: $6,773

Fall 2020 Mini-Grants Awarded

Congratulations, teachers!

 $500.00 Picture Books for 7th and 8th Grade ELA Classrooms:

Purchase of picture books for 7th and 8th grade ELA classroom libraries that create opportunities for successful reading for struggling readers.  These books will include a variety of topics and will help students to connect to subjects such as history or science without being overwhelmed and will help teach higher order thinking skills to students that haven't yet realized that they enjoy reading.

Stephanie Bailey and Grade Team, Post Middle School

 $334.00Math Manipulatives for Intermediate Classroom

Purchase of math manipulative supplies and games that can be used  in the ad of teaching 4th grade math standards and help students to build a more concrete understanding of fractions, decimals, and place value. 

Amanda Morrison-Williams, Kent Prairie Elementary School

$500.00 The "Jim Club" - Coding, Robotics & Engineering After School Club

Purchase of supplies to support this after school club focused to coding, robotics and engineering.  These supplies will allow students to build problem solving skills,  learn math and science concepts, engage in real world engineering challenges, learn and use block coding and discover how things work all while having fun.

Jacqueline Arnold, Eagle Creek Elementary School

 $485.94 Materials to Further Special Education Classroom Progress

Purchase of supplies to support learning in areas of math, reading, writing and social development skills for special education students in her classroom.

Melanie Webster, Kent Prairie Elementary School

 $483.80 Manipulatives for Math in Special Education

Purchase of a complete set of math manipulative supplies for teaching math concepts using hands on learning materials to common core curriculum.  These materials will support a large variety of learning activities to keep students engaged and involve some game based learning opportunities.

Elisabeth Johnson, Kent Prairie Elementary School

 $208.60 Soundbar System for Special Education

Purchase of a soundbar speaker system to use with videos and music in special education teaching instruction.

Julie Shaughnessy, Weston High School

 $850.21 Anti-Racist Literature for First Grade Classrooms

Purchase of books for 1st grade classroom libraries that feature characters of color as main characters and that address both historical challenges and current challenges that people of color often face.

Abigail Braaten & Grade Team, Presidents Elementary School

 $500.00 Diversifying Classroom Library

Purchase of books for 3rd grade classroom library that feature main characters of color, and people of different cultures and abilities to allow her students to better see themselves in the characters of classroom books.

Kayla Kon, Kent Prairie Elementary School

 $1,100.00 Cultural Diverse and Equality Fiction

Purchase of books about kids that are socially, racially and culturally diverse.  These books will allow students to see characters of diverse culture and background. Books purchased will also be directed to a variety of reading levels including low readers and Hi-cap students.

Greer Verrier-Davis, Haller Middle School

 $1,250.00 Inclusive Playground

Purchase of additional items to enhance the Pioneer Elementary School playground to create a more inclusive setting for special education students.  Purchase will include a giant communication board and spinning playground equipment and will also be available to all students at Pioneer.

Christie Britton and Grade Team, Pioneer Elementary School

 $499.65 Classroom Library Builder / Refresher

Purchase of new classroom book sets at varying reading levels to enrich student reading experiences.  Books purchased will include fiction and non-fiction and will be focused to areas of social emotional learning, diversity and enjoyment reading.

Hope Roberson, Kent Prairie Elementary School

 $499.65 Classroom Library Refresher

Purchase of new book sets to replenish and update an aging 2nd grade  class library.  These new books will support a variety of reading levels and subjects.

Graeme Kuusela, Kent Prairie Elementary School

 $1,200.00 Eagle Creek Outdoor Classroom

Purchase of supplies to create an outdoor classroom for 4th and 5th graders.  Outdoor classroom will include a exterior whiteboard, benches for seating, small storage shed for supplies - donations from the community and other funding will allow this classroom to be enhanced over time.

Wesley Klein & Grade Team, Eagle Creek Elementary School

 $1,050.00 Developmental Preschool Playground Update

Purchase of additional items to enhance the Presidents Elementary School playground to create a more inclusive setting for preschool students.  Purchase will include a giant communication board, geometric dome climber, and flying airplane teeter totter.

Bailey Newell and Grade Team, Presidents Elementary School

 $187.00 Reengagement Strategies for Disconnected Students (RSDS)

Purchase of a variety of post cards, and postage needed to reach students in non-electronic format during this period of distance learning.  This program will encourage students to engage or re-engage, feel connected and help build teacher/student relationships of trust.

Edith MacPhail-Reynolds & Jeremy Hurdus, Weston High School

 $250.00 Reluctant Reader Mini Library

Purchase of books focused to meeting the reading desires of IEP reluctant readers in her classroom.  These books will engage the students in free voluntary reading throughout the school year.

Becca Harkavy, Arlington High School

 $469.92 Special Education Resources for Reading

Purchase of supplies for boosting reading fluency and reading comprehension for students with specific reading and writing disabilities.  These materials will support students in grades Kindergarten through grade 5.

Raemi Kolbe, Kent Prairie Elementary School

 $269.10 Student Headphones

Purchase of 18 headphones for kindergarten students to use in their classroom with their i-pads.  Headphones will allow students to work without disrupting other students. 

Samantha Sauter, Pioneer Elementary School

 $1,250.00 Bringing Salmon to School - A partnership with Sound Salmon Solutions & the Stillaguamish Tribe

Purchase of supplies including a 55 gallon aquarium, water pumps etc. to allow 5th graders at Presidents to raise salmon from eggs to molts and then release the salmon to the Stillaguamish watershed.  This is a partnership with both Sound Salmon Solutions and the Stillaguamish Tribe that with these materials can reoccur annually with continued partnership support.

Danene Severson & Grade Team, Presidents Elementary School

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