Funding Teachers' Bright Ideas! 

Since 2011, AEF has granted over $80,000 to classroom teachers in our community! 

These grants fund innovative, imaginative and exciting work in our classrooms. Teachers are able to purchase new materials for their classrooms they would not ordinarily be able to afford. These materials go directly into the hands of children in our community! 

Teachers can apply twice per year, in the fall and spring. AEF's projects committee reviews applications and funds the top grants meeting our criteria. Teachers are awarded their funds immediately and congratulated at a school board meeting! 

Spring 2019: Ten classroom mini-grants were awarded to Arlington School District teachers in the amount totaling: $7575.00.

Fall 2018: Sixteen classroom mini-grants were awarded to Arlington School District teachers in the amount totaling:

Spring 2018: Nine classroom mini-grants were awarded to Arlington School District teachers in the amount totaling: $6,773.03.


Fall 2018 mini-grants awarded:

It's a Card- Transistions: $500


Hidden Lessons/Hidden Figures: $450


Social Justice Library: $490

B. Ballew/AHS


Student Selected Class Library: $500



EC Garden & Outdoor Classroom: $1250

Polkington et al/ EC


Google Home Speaker: $457.09

W. Klein/EC

Non-fiction Reading Intervention: $468.04


Speech Therapy Supplies: $500


Stem in Action: $1250
5th Grade Team/Pres

Supportive Seating for Learning: $550


Ultra-Sound: $449.97


EC Nest Activities: $500


Vestibular Seating: $350.82


Flexible Seating: $1250

1st Grade Team/KP

Re-thinking Traditional Seating: $442.31

Van Hine/KP

Total Awards Granted: $10,165.92


Spring 2018 mini-grants awarded:

Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: Spectrometry for Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy
Applicants: Andrew Berg, Hans Weber, Mike Liles, Nathan Davis
School: Arlington High School
Department: Science
Total Granted: $1197

The science department at Arlington High School plans to purchase three additional wireless spectrometers in order to allow students more inquiry-time hands-on with the instruments. These spectrometers will help students understand the relationship between light intensity, frequency, and energy. Students will learn the relationship between electronic energy states and atomic emission spectra, and the relationship between concentration of a solution and absorbance of transmitted light.


Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: A Night to Honor
Applicants: C. Burkhead, A. Funk, J. Swanson, T. Bravomejia
School: Arlington High School
Departments: Special Education, Music, Art, Culinary
Total Granted: $1250

Students will design and implement a simple smorgasbord/dessert buffet function, including: invitations, decorations, food, presentation, performance, gifts, and clean-up for community first responders (police, fire, EMS, coroner, service animals, etc.). Transition students and special education students will have opportunities to engage first responders in a normalized manor, facilitating increased community access and safety, and Culinary will design light fare presentation. All students will utilize skills and talents to offer welcoming presentations and gifts to first responsders.


Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: Resources for Middle School General Music
Applicants: Kathy Medema
School:  Haller Middle School
Department: Music- Grades 6 & 7
Total Granted: $73.77

Students will extend their music learning through added resources: Lessons in American Music, Volumes 1 & 2, which will help the cross curricular connection between American History and American Music become more fully fleshed out before 1900 and after 1960. This will help students gain understanding of music’s role in American history from its beginning to present day, including how it reflects our society over generations of politics, wartime, musical trends and styles, and entertainment, and how each generation has, through acceptance or rejection, been influenced by the popular music that came before them.



Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: Programming and Coding – Sphero Style
Applicants: Rachel Harrington, Roel Ubungen, Colleen Turk
School: Haller Middle School
Department: Science, Grades 6-8
Total Granted: $1250

Students will learn to program and code using Spheros (robot spheres), which will be used for many inquiry-based units in science and support the programming and engineering fundamentals of STEM instruction. One lesson in particular will incorporate the programming and coding of Spheros while engineers build Mars chariots. These teams will then compete to see which engineered chariot can transport the most amount of payload over the Mars course using Spheros as the source of motion. The Next Generation Science Standards have specific engineering and design components (MS-ETS1-1 through MS-ETS1-4) that will be targeted using Spheros. This will provide students at Haller a myriad of ways to experience real-world problems and come up with solutions. Programming and coding is the way of the future and targets our state standards directly.


Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: Trial of New/Different ACC app: Snap + Core First (for iPad)
Applicants: Alison Bartlett & Christie Britton
School: Pioneer Elementary
Department: Life Skills/Speech
Total Granted: $591.81

Students will have the opportunity to learn with a new, highly-recommended communication app that also has a literacy function. This would take the place of the currently outdated communications app which has poor materials support and is not well-regarded in the field. The purchase of three apps was granted for multiple classroom/teacher access.


Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: School Microphones
Applicants: Pioneer Elementary Staff
School: Pioneer Elementary
Department: All
Total Granted: $300

Microphones are used almost daily, and the current microphones are falling apart, static-y, and have caused frustration for students and staff; especially the recent spelling bee, in which students could not hear the word pronunciation, and the judges could not hear the students’ responses. Six microphones with cords and stands were requested and granted.


Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: 7th Grade Classroom Non-Fiction
Applicants: Stephanie Bailey, Heidi Graham
School:  Post Middle School
Department: Grade 7
Total Granted: $600

Students who struggle with reading (below grade level, ELL, special education) may have access to lower-level, high-interest non fiction titles which will encourage self-reliant thinking, learning, and reading. They will increase their exposure to high-frequency words, which will improve their independent reading level and support literacy and critical thinking skills. This would also address the deficiencies indicated on district assessments, and provide students more topics of interest.


Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: TSA Manufacturing Club Project #1: “From Computer Design to Finished Product”
Applicants: Collin Nelson, Robin Foster
School:  Post Middle School
Department: Woodshop/Computers
Total Granted: $910.45

Students will be more connected to their learning through the formation of a new club that guides them from the manufacturing process from start to finish. In this new afterschool TSA Manufacturing Club, students will meet for a focused goal and accomplish specific tasks with the goal of bringing students from Advanced Computer classes together with Tech Ed and Wood Shop classes. The first project will be designing and producing phone stations using the manufacturing process, using CAD software to design 4 phone stations, exporting files, programming, and adjusting the ShopBot router to machine cut wood.

Title of Mini-Grant Proposal: Connecting With Character
Applicants: Denise Wilson
School:  Presidents Elementary
Department: Grade 3
Total Granted: $600

Students will increase knowledge of many different cultures, disabilities, and experiences such as living through wars, poverty, immigration and beyond through gaining access to a collection of diverse books for each third grade classroom. This will help students widen understanding and build connections with literature and book characters similar to student ages by providing details and insight into different lives and experiences.

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